Veteran umpire welcomes in the new cricket season

Earlier this month 89 year old veteran umpire, Eric Stocks, rang the bell to welcome out the umpires and mark the start of the new cricket season at Carlton Cricket Club.

Retired local businessman Eric, has been a valued member of the cricket club for decades but first started his umpiring career in 1974 at 45 years old. He was always passionate about cricket but never became a player, so umpiring was the next best thing.

During his career he umpired in 3 Hepworth Cup finals and 1 Wood Cup final in the Leeds League. He stood down, only due to insurance purposes, at 70 years old. Today, at 89 years old, Eric still loves his cricket and watches every home match on Saturdays enjoying the home made cricket teas and cakes.

John Ward, Carlton Chairman said, “Ringing a bell to call out the umpires at the start of every game is Lords tradition and something that we have just reinstated at our award winning ground. It was a pleasure to see Eric ring the bell and welcome in the new season. He is a true Carlton Legend”.

Carlton Cricket Club is always looking for volunteers, including scorers and umpires. If you are interested in finding out more please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Eric’s umpiring highlights:

  1. Pool v Leeds Police – when changing over at square leg, for a left hand batsman, as he passed behind the keeper he heard a “groan”. The keeper had dropped dead on the field.
  2. Nostel v Sherburn – two players chased to take a high ball and collided heavily both were badly injured one with a broken leg and the other a broken arm.
  3. The Aussie international player, Dean Saunders, was told off by Eric for walking across in front of the stumps as he bowled. Eric didn’t take any nonsense and declared “no ball” every time!

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