My days at Carlton – with permanent disfigurement. By Steve L Smith

Many congratulations to Carlton Cricket Club on reaching a great milestone of 150 years. Although I haven’t played at Town Street for over 40 years, I was there for my formative years as a cricketer and have great memories of the people I played with. I call back at the club whenever I can (very rare these days) and, although many of the guys I played with have now passed, I am pleased to see old playing colleagues still having a strong association with the club. To me, that is an indicator of the strength of the club and I wish the club ongoing success.

‘The Great Quake’ by Chris Stacey

There was an earthquake in Whitehorse today, May 1st 2017. It was 6.5 on the Richter scale – enough to rattle the crockery and shake the bones of the house. As the ground rumbled and the walls creaked and groaned, though only for a minute that seemed to last forever, my mind flashed back to another time I felt the ground shudder and time stood still.

Learning from the best. By Keith Sampson

I have great memories of this fantastic club both on and off the field. On the field I learnt so much from watching and playing with good players, initially 2nd teamers, Ken Oldroyd, Ken Clayborough, Jack Field, Gerald Tolley, Gerald Taylor, Jack Fox snr, Jeff Moffatt and Laurie Todd.

A special place in my heart. By Jaycob Curtling

When I first came to Carlton I was just 18. My first ever time in England was a great experience thanks to Carlton Cricket Club - the team and the club were all really welcoming and we all got on like a house on fire.

Happy Anniversary Carlton. By Norman Hazell MBE

While 'out and about', well at Featherstone Town Cricket Club, I heard that your great Club is celebrating a big Anniversary this year.

Town Street Memories. By Keith Taylor

My first game for Carlton was in the U13 away at Sandmoor CC at the age of 8, May 18th 1984, playing pairs cricket with Paul Bedford, Robert Brear, Paul Tasker, Michael Seller, Phil Townsley, Mark Fairburn, Phil Wilkinson and Myself made the team of 8. We made 209, Sandmoor 144.

Unforgettable Memories. By Tom Taylor

Saturday afternoons as a young Carltoner were spent trying to keep out of trouble by flitting between the football pitch, the score box, the players balcony and the top bedroom of my Grandma's house over looking the ground from a very deep mid off in Ashton Crescent.