Clubhouse Refurbishment

We are delighted to announce that we will be refurbishing our clubhouse ready for the new 2018 cricket season.

Work will start on 21 February and will be completed by Friday 2 March. During this time the majority of the clubhouse will remain open to all, so people can still come along and enjoy a drink!

The refurbishment is part of our aim to become a more family friendly club, and to create a flexible space that can help us to accommodate more customers through our sports and local events. The work includes changing the seating to make more space for more people and to make it more flexible so we can accommodate different events and activities.

We want people to be able to have the best view possible during match days too so this will be taken into account in the new seating layout.

The Jubilee Lounge will also get a makeover, linking it properly to the main clubhouse so the space can be fully utilised.

The carpet will be replaced throughout and the clubhouse fully redecorated considering themes that link to our local heritage and highlighting our wonderful historical photos showing the history of the club. The feature bricks in the porch will also be retained.

Grants and sponsorship will contribute to the funding of the refurbishments.